Joan Linn Bekins

Joan Linn Bekins is best known as a "belly botany" macro-photographer, shooting flowers on location with a minimal amount of equipment. Natural light defines her photographic style that creates enticing imagery directly from nature. The artist invites us to look closer into the heart of a flower, in a world of images outside of time. Her visual expression of beauty, through contour, shape and color take form in realism and abstraction.

    Her professional involvement in photography began 46 years ago during her career as the public relations director for both Hawaii and the California beef industries. Her camera focused on historical and traditional aspects of ranching and paniolos. Later her camera recorded the braceros' role in California's iceberg lettuce industry while she directed its national marketing and public relations program. As an American Red Cross photojournalist in San Francisco, she brought human interest stories to the public eye.

    Joan Bekins' photographs are the expression of her passion and commitment to the natural world. She is an advocate of open space and nature education for children, and founded the Elizabeth Terwilliger Nature Education Foundation in 1975. She has perpetuated the renowned naturalist's teaching techniques through films, books, plant identification classroom kits, and a highly esteemed volunteer docent program, the Terwilliger Nature Guides.

    On a family trip to Alaska's Brooks Range twenty-five years ago, she crawled around on the wet tundra to photograph minature sprouting seed pods and become hooked on macro-photography. The photographer's intimate images reflect her heart, beliefs, and wonder of Nature.

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