Dr. Elmo

    There's something special about a Dr. Elmo song, something not entirely different from the ping in your engine that your mechanic can't fix, the funny little ache that your doctor can't diagnose, or the weird computer virus that prints "Howdy Pardner" on all your monthly sales reports.

    Known throughout the world for his Christmas classic, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer, it is indeed the good Dr. Elmo who has infested our brains and invaded our hearts. His off-kilter music sneaks up behind us and when we least expect it-plants a big, goofy grin on our all-too-serious-faces.

    What could lead a mild-mannered San Francisco veterinarian to such diversion? His Kentucky horse trainer birthright? His years in Florida as a racetrack jockey? His move to California with a banjo on his knee? He runs long-distance. He is heard on the radio. He talks to animals and they are attuned to his wavelength. All else is mystery.

    Love, Death and Taxes. Dr. Elmo knows the answer to the meaning of life, and it is simple: Vets just want to have fun.

    And Dr. Elmo is a frequent guest on talk shows. No only does he sing about love, death and taxes- he can advise people on the subjects.

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